Creating An Account


How do I register an account?


To register an account with, you must click the user icon in top right of the website x. Click “Sign up” from the dropdown and fill in your details on the next page.


I have registered but now it tells me to confirm my account?


You must click the confirmation link found in the email sent to you by us upon registration. Please check your spam box if it doesn’t appear in your inbox. This event will only be done once per account.


How do I login to my account?


Click the user icon in top right of the website x. Click “Sign in” from the dropdown. Type in your username and password and press the login button.


Forgot Password


How can I reset my password?


If you have forgotten your password, please click here and fill in the details required.


User Menu


I have logged in, now what?


Once logged in, a user menu is generated in the user icon in the top right corner of the website x. Click the user icon to see your usermenu. There are 7 links on the user menu, each having a different purpose.

Dashboard – Shows you some basic information about your account, like the amount of averts you have submitted, active and unactive. You can view your total approval rating on this page also as well as see your top articles and ads can also be seen here.

Profile & settings – Upload a profile image to act as your avatar through out the website.


Manage ads – Brings you to a page where you can edit, renew, pay for or delete your averts.


View profile - Clicking this link will allow you to view your profile as the public sees it.


Edit account – Change or update your name, email or password here.


Logout - Clicking this icon will exit your account and log you out.


Profile & Settings


How do I view my profile?


Click on the user iconxfound at the top right of the website and click, “View profile”.


How do I modify my profile?


Click on the user iconxfound at the top right of the website and click, “Profile & settings”. This will load up the editing page. You will be presented with some options:


Avatar: Upload an image of yourself or an image you own to serve as your avatar. This image will be shown on all your adverts that your submit. Don’t use an offensive image or an image you have no permission to use.


Social Links: Link back to your social profiles here by filling in the appropriate username or ID for that social network. You can link to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Do not put in the full URLs, we just need your social network username or id.



Approval Rating


Approvals are a way for customers to endorse your business and to let others know that you provide a quality service. All the adverts that you submit to howtodrive can be approved by all registered users on the site. We also keep a record of all the approvals your ads have received and your overall score can be seen on your account dashboard as well as on your public profile pages. This score cannot be reset unless we find that your ad(s) have been targeted by unfair voting. You can use the contact page to report any suspicious voting.


How do I submit an advert?


First login, and then click the user icon in top right of the website x.


You will be presented with the advert submission page, the fields are self-explanatory but if you’re lost here is a simple breakdown:


Name: Your name or business name.


Category: Select the service you are offering.


Expire After: Select the amount of days you wish to run the ad for. When the days are up your ad will be unpublished will be hidden from the public view. You can publish it again by renewing it.


Description: Give a good descriptive layout of your service, use as much detail as you wish. Don’t add html code to this field it will not work.


Website: [Optional] Link to the buy now website or to an external shopping cart for the particular service you are offering. All transactions are handled by you, we just provide the advertisement service.


Price: The price you are charging for this service per hour, day, person...etc


Promotion: Extra features to boost the amount of pages your ad shows up on and also some visual extras.


Click Save to submit your ad when you’re happy with the information you provided. You will then be taken to the payment gateway where you can pay using the forms of online payments available to you.


Managing Your Ads


To navigate here, you must click the user icon at the top right of the websitexand click “Manage ads” from the dropdown list that appears.


Here you can edit, delete, pay or renew your ads. Those with a light red background color mean they have expired or were not payed for and will need to be renewed or payed for to get them active on OA.


Approvals: This is calculated by customers clicking the approve button on your ad page.

Views: This amount of times people have viewed your advert.


Payment Options


Currently we accept payment through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required when making payments with Paypal and you can safely use your credit/debit card to make the payment.


Posting a Wanted Post


To post a wanted post on, you can click on this icon, x, which is generated on the top right of the website when your logged in or you can go to the wanted page and then click on the speech bubble in the green circle in the bottom right of the window. The submission page will load up, next fill in the appropriate data and click submit:


Title: The title of your post. Example would be, "Wanted Leaving Cert Maths Tutor Kildare"


Category: Select the region you would like to post your wanted post in.


Who Can View Your Topic? There are 2 options, Everyone and Users only. Everyone means the post will be seen and accessed by the public and Search Engines.


Users only will allow only registered users of this website to view and comment on the post, also hides the content from Search Engines. Note: the title of the post can still be seen publicly.


Post Text: Write information concerning your post.


Subscribe: Get notifications when someone posts a response.


Edit and Deleting your Posts


To edit one of your wanted posts, go to the thread in question and you will notice two icons in the bottom right of each text box that you have posted. Here is what they do:


xEdit your Post: Click on this icon and make the your changes on the next screen.


xDelete your Post: Click on this icon and your post or thread will be deleted.


Accepting Answers


xClick this icon to accept an answer for any of your wanted posts. The accepted answer will be boosted to the top of the thread and it will be given a yellow background.Furthermore, your post will appear as answered on the wanted post page.


User Toolbar


When logged into your account you will have access to a user toolbar which is found near the top of the wanted post page.


My Topics: Shows all the topics you have created.


My Replies: Shows all the replies you have to posted.


Subscriptions: Shows all the topics that your subscribed to.


Activity: Shows the most recent activity in the forum, which includes new posts, replies and answered topics.